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Introducing Nova One’s Suite of Next-Generation Widgets

Theme Nova is committed to providing Nova users with unique widgets that allow for endless design opportunities.


The Nova One Widget Suite

The ever-evolving suite of custom widgets included with the Nova All-in-One WordPress Theme are purpose-built to provide advanced (though easy to operate) features enabling an infinite number of potential layouts and designs. From the Nova Text Widget to Nova’s Portfolio Cards and Sliders, Nova Flickr and the Twitter widgets to Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Comments — every Nova widget includes custom margin settings and permits shortcodes as well as HTML/CSS mark-up. Install Nova and Get Started Today.


There are no limits with the Nova All-in-One WordPress theme.

HTML-Enabled Widgets

Insert your own mark-up and create something uniquely yours.


Master your design with the help of adjustable widget margins.

Shortcodes, Shortcodes

Insert Nova’s many shortcodes into a widget for added functionality.

Advanced but
Easy to Use

Nova One’s widgets are easy to operate but boast advanced features.


Nova’s widgetized templates mean that you can design anything!

The Nova Widget Suite Includes;

Nova Custom Page (Insert a Custom Page from WordPress as a Widget Anywhere on the Website)
Exclusive to Nova, the Custom Page Widget can revolutionize how you build a webpage in WordPress. Insert a page, created in WordPress, anyplace that you would like. It can be a full sized page or simply a small area featuring share buttons or otherwise, with adjustable margins the Nova Custom Page Widget allows you full control of your design from navigation to footer and all locations in between.
Nova Text (An HTML-Enabled Custom Text Widget With Adjustable Margins)
An advanced version of the WordPress Custom Text Widget, Nova’s Text Widget comes with adjustable margins top and bottom so that intermediate to expert users can insert their code then adjust exactly where they would like it to show up. Beginners will also benefit from the Nova Text widget — embed social buttons, videos and more into your home page or onto your Pages and Posts anyplace you would like. It couldn’t be easier!
Nova's Content Tiles (They've Been Called One of the Most Powerful Custom Widgets Ever Created for WordPress)
The Nova Content Tiles are a premium Widget built exclusively for Theme Nova and included with Nova One. Create your custom content tiles in one to six columns, add your image or icon and pick your layout. You can manage your tiles with the same easy drag-and-drop functionality you know from WordPress Widgets and the Nova All-in-One Slider, and publish them anyplace on your website. Use the Content Tiles Widget to feature products, services, case studies or anything else you can imagine. SEO and HTML-Friendly your Nova Content Tiles will help you propel your website to the next level in user-friendliness and search optimization.
Nova Featured Text (Great for SEO, Feature Key Text in the Sidebar or Horizontally Across the Homepage, Pages or Posts)
With rich font features built directly into the widget, HTML-enabled content spaces, and a built-in link field the Nova Featured Text widget is a powerful search engine optimizer (SEO) that can be used anyplace on your website from the home page and footer to inside of your content, sidebar or above/below your Pages and Posts.
Nova Portfolio Cards (Insert Miniature Portfolio Posts Anywhere on Your Nova Website and Link Them Back to Full Posts)
Nova’s Portfolio Cards are great for displaying anything from portfolio items (photographs, designs, case studies, etc) to products and services. Insert as many or as few portfolio cards as you would like into any area of your Nova and WordPress website.
Nova Portfolio Slider (Feature Posts from the Portfolio Section in a Full-width Slider)
This full-width Portfolio Section feature allows for the rich display of items (portfolios, products, services, etc) located in the Portfolio Section categories (installed with your Nova One installation). With minimal preformatting the Nova Portfolio Slider allows you full control over how these items are displayed by using the pages directly from the Portfolios section of your website and the style settings from your slider’s numbered pagination settings.
Nova Random Portfolio (Displays Three Random Posts from the Portfolio Section Categories of your Choice)
Publish random items from your portfolio section with the Nova Random Portfolio Widget. Use your Portfolio section categories to organize photographs, designs, services, products or any number of other posts then load them randomly anyplace you would like from the home page to the sidebar and footer, from above and below Pages and Posts to right inside your content! You will love the versatility of this powerful widget.
Nova Flickr (Nova's own Flickr Widget lets you Serve As Many Flickr Photos as you Would Like)
Featuring an integrated Flickr feed, Nova One’s Flickr Widget lets you post a feed of your recent Flickr additions right on your home page, in your content, above and below your Pages, Posts and Portfolio items as well as in the footer of your page. You can take full advantage of the power of the world’s biggest social photo website with the Nova Flickr Widget.
Nova Twitter Bar (A Full-width Twitter Feature Showing Your Most Recent Tweet)
Capture and convert your viewers into audience members by showcasing your social media assets on your website. Feature your latest Twitter post (tweet) on your home page or above/below your Pages, Posts and Portfolio items with the Nova Twitter Bar Widget. One of the two Twitter widgets that come packaged with your Nova One theme the Twitter bar allows you to stylishly present your Twitter account nearly anyplace you would like. All Social Media tools in Nova are completely optional — show as much or as little of your social self or brand as you would like.
Nova Twitter Widget (Display as Many Tweets as you Would Like)
Taking further advantage of the social web, the Nova Twitter Widget lets you pick how many or how few tweets you share in your sidebar, footer or elsewhere on your Nova and WordPress website. Taking style cues from your other Nova settings, the Nova Twitter Widget presents a feed of your most recent updates with links, your account name and more — all with the adjustable margins you expect from a premium Nova widget!
Nova's Recent Posts (Nova-Updated Version of the Classic WordPress Widget)
We’ve updated the look and options of this classic WordPress widget. Including toggles for the thumbnail, number of posts, date and comments as well as adjustable margins the Nova Recent Posts widget give you the flexibility you expect from an All-in-One theme and is included, with all of the Nova Widgets, with your Nova One WordPress Theme.
Nova's Popular Posts (Nova-Updated Version of the Classic WordPress Widget)
We’ve updated the look and options of this classic WordPress widget. Including toggles for the thumbnail, number of posts, date and comments as well as adjustable margins the Nova Popular Posts widget give you the flexibility you expect from an All-in-One theme and is included, with all of the Nova Widgets, with your Nova One WordPress Theme.
Nova Contact (A Custom Contact Form Widget)
Of course Nova supports all the major Form plugins for WordPress but if all you need is a concise contact form in the footer of your website, on the home page, Pages, Portfolios, Posts or in the sidebar then the Nova Contact Widget has you covered. Insert this form anyplace you can put a widget (which with Nova One is just about anywhere). Use it for customer service, to allow potential customers to request a quote, or just to get email feedback on whatever you would like. This flexible contact form widget includes adjustable margins and intermediate to advanced users can edit it’s colors and send button with ease through the custom CSS addon field or through file replacement.

5 Custom navigation styles come included with the Nova One WordPress Theme, all with adjustable margins, padding and more.

Two Pagination styles as well as an entire suite of built-in arrows allow you to choose how your viewers navigate your slider.
Nova’s Content Tiles Widget can present anywhere from one to 6 columns of content with headings, subheadings and images/icons.
Nova’s Exclusive Widget Suite includes an advanced Text widget as well as the ability to insert a page created in WordPress right onto your homepage, just like this.
Nova’s Portfolio features can be used for photos, designs, services, products or just about anything.
Nova comes with the exclusive SEO-oriented Featured Text Widget which also boasts adjustable margins and unique font settings.
Nova’s Custom Text Widget gives you controls over the margins around this fully-flexible widget.
Nova’s Widgets are Shortcode-enabled.
Credits and Copyrights can be edited by adding your custom Addon to the footer, or by simply changing the text on the footer template.
Optional Social Bar for sharing links to your Social Media accounts including Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter and many, many more.
The HTML-Enabled Content Layer for each slide lets you pick transitions for both your slider content as well as the slide background images.
The third layer of your All-in-One Slider the HTML-Enabled Custom Slider Addon, found in the Addons section of the Dashboard, lets you hover items over-top of your slider like this corner shadow.
Another of Nova’s Exclusive Widgets, the Portfolio Cards can be arranged in sets of three, or use the Portfolio Slider to bring additional attention.
The Exclusive Nova Twitter Bar gives you the power to feature your latest tweet on any page or post in your WordPress website.
The Nova Contact Widget lets you select your form colors and even link to your own Send button if you would like.
Optional Social Media integration includes dozens of custom social icons.

Customize your site from the Navigation to the Footer Credits as well as every place in between.

Nova’s astonishingly user-friendly dashboard does all the heavy lifting at a click of your mouse.

Nova One is built from the ground up with SEOs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Choose from one of ten built-in designs to use and edit, or create any website you can dream of.

Easy to Operate, Multi-Layer Settings, Drag-and-Drop Management, Custom Margins, and more!

Easily integrate your social media assets. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pintrest, G+, Flickr and more!

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