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Introducing the Exclusive Nova All-in-One Slider

The most flexible premium slider available for WordPress. Amazing features in a User-Friendly package.

You’ve never seen a WordPress Slider like this!

Use defaults or set transition styles and speeds for both the background and the content layers. Text and HTML enabled, separating your slider content layer from the background in the user-friendly slider admin means that you can create rich user experiences on your Nova One website in a snap. Generate slides from Posts or dive in and craft something special with your own mark-up. Learn More.

Theme Nova Templates for WordPress

Take Control

4-Way adjustable margins give you full control of placement while borders, backgrounds, transition types and timing, fonts, headings and much more await your command. Quick and friendly drag-and-drop management allows you to reorganize your slides on the fly and even hide them for later publication. From the full-screen modes for feature photos to traditional or integrated micro-slides – with the Nova All-in-One Slider you make the rules. Try the Nova All-in-One Slider Today!

Search Optimize your Slides with the All-in-One Slider

Unique to each slide the HTML, shortcode and CSS-enabled content layers provide an opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO) with each transition. Name your images, include meta data, links, and so much more. Just a click or keystroke away, The Exclusive Nova Slider gives you full control over your search engine optimization (SEO).


Four Adjustable Layers

The Nova One Slider features four layers; the slider background, individual slide backgrounds, mark-up friendly slide content layers and a convenient Addon layer for placing images, animations or content over-top of the slider. With separate transition settings for the Content and Background layers the Nova All-in-One Slider delivers high impact features with low impact set-up.

Mark-up Friendly

With Nova One there are no limits. Few places can this be better illustrated then by inserting your own HTML, CSS and Shortcode mark-up into the Nova Slider. Create rich effects by sliding additional imagery in on the content layer, publishing richly formatted text, embedding social media buttons and videos, Flash, or just about anything else you can dream up. If you can imagine it then the Nova All-in-One Slider can help you make it a reality.

Dynamic Slider Settings

We couldn’t call the Nova Slider an All-in-One if it didn’t boast some of the best options ever included with a WordPress slider. Size your slider to suit — any size you choose — your Nova Slider can even be set to full-screen. Pick from an array of arrows and pagination controls, set the timing and style of both the slide background and content layer transitions, toggle the auto-play and borders, embed code for videos and more, or turn off the content layer entirely to keep the full-focus on your images – whatever your WordPress slider needs the All-in-One Nova Slider has them covered.

Navigation Options

Tired of sliders that claim to be dynamic but restrict you to only one or two slide navigation options? We were too. That is why Nova One comes with an exclusive All-in-One slider which includes all the features those other themes and sliders we’ve seen over the years lacked. Pick from a suite of arrow and pagination buttons for the navigation of your slider, use the preset or adjust the location of your arrows. Pick colors for number pagination or use the radio buttons. With the Nova All-in-One Slider the power is in your hands.

Customize your site from the Navigation to the Footer Credits as well as every place in between.

Nova’s astonishingly user-friendly dashboard does all the heavy lifting at a click of your mouse.

Nova One is built from the ground up with SEOs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Choose from one of ten built-in designs to use and edit, or create any website you can dream of.

Easy to Operate, Multi-Layer Settings, Drag-and-Drop Management, Custom Margins, and more!

Easily integrate your social media assets. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pintrest, G+, Flickr and more!

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