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Introduce yourself to Google today with Nova One.

Nova One has been built from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

The Nova All-in-One WordPress Theme delivers best-practice SEO methodology with a full suite of management tools. Nova is fully compatible with all major SEO plugins and delivers optimization-oriented functionality.

With more than a decade of operation in the extremely competitive SEO industries of Online Gaming, Healthcare, Entertainment and other highly contested search criteria, the Theme Nova team has had the good fortune of learning quite a bit about optimizing WordPress websites for search.

We’ve applied this experience to Nova One — it’s why Nova comes packaged with growing suite of unique SEO and HTML-friendly widgets, an expandable live content area for the Nova All-in-One WordPress Slider, full heading (font) management, Cufon and more.

We know what it takes to climb the search rankings and Nova One comes with the tools to help you do just that.

Nova’s suite of search-optimized features can help you reintroduce yourself to Google today.
- Theme Nova
Tired of building websites with other themes only to languish month after month with no SEO ranking gains in sight? A white hat SEO strategy utilizing the Nova All-in-One WordPress Theme will see your website climbing the ranks. Free up your time to focus on building your business by letting Nova One help to streamline your optimization.
Some of Nova One’s SEO Features Include;
Exclusive Search Optimized Widgets
Exclusive HTML-Enabled Slider Content
100% Manageable Headings & Fonts
Optional Social Media Integration
Various Search-Optimized Shortcodes
Complete Layout Control
Install the Nova All-in-One WordPress Theme and reintroduce yourself to Google today!

Powerful Search-Optimized Features from Nova One

Custom Widgets
Nova One’s expanding suite of specialty widgets include advanced settings and allow for HTML mark-up in all possible content fields. The Nova Widget suite, which comes with Nova One, includes a custom Text widget (use any custom code such as analytics, Like buttons and others, or shortcodes), a Featured Text widget, Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, two Twitter widgets, and many more. Learn more.
The Nova All-in-One Slider
Theme Nova’s Exclusive All-in-One Slider leaves no SEO stone unturned. Intermediate to Expert users will find no difficulty in creating and positioning richly optimized content within their slides. HTML-enabled, the content space can expand to the full height and width of the slider (and window) or be tightly controlled with advanced size, margin, padding, background and transparency functions.

Moreover, you don’t need to sacrifice style for optimization because the Nova All-in-One Slider also presents your content on a layer separate from the background allowing you to use different transitions for the background and the content of your slider. There has never been a more optimized slider, reintroduce yourself to Google today with WordPress and Nova One. Learn more.
Social Media Integration (Facebook, G+, Pintrest, Twitter & More)
Some statistics show that up to 41% of all optimization value on Google today is measured through Social Media. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest have revolutionized how the web is ranked. Nova One provides integration for a number of social media websites though a variety of features and functions. Nova One includes an optional Social Bar at the top of the page, our multiple Twitter widgets, dozens of social icons, our custom Flickr widget, and HTML enabled addons allowing you to place Like buttons, share shortcodes and much more anyplace on your website. Learn more.
Exclusive Search-Optimized Shortcodes
Nova One’s shortcodes have been built with best-practices SEO methodology. Diverse and well-documented variables compliment these search optimized shortcodes at every turn. From the Nova Share This shortcode for which you can load up as many or as few share options as you would like to the Twitter shortcodes and the live-text advertisement (Advert) shortcode – Theme Nova delivers a suite of beautiful and functional SEO-ready shortcodes to your fingertips. Learn more.
Nova One’s Advertisement Shortcode

Nova One includes a number of Search-Optimized shortcodes and widgets including this one, the Nova Advert Shortcode. You can even insert other shortcodes, HTML, images or widgets right into this box.More Shortcodes

Top to Bottom; everything on this page was build using Nova All-in-One’s Shortcodes and Widgets, all of which are included with your Nova One Theme.

Customize your site from the Navigation to the Footer Credits as well as every place in between.

Nova’s astonishingly user-friendly dashboard does all the heavy lifting at a click of your mouse.

Nova One is built from the ground up with SEOs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Choose from one of ten built-in designs to use and edit, or create any website you can dream of.

Easy to Operate, Multi-Layer Settings, Drag-and-Drop Management, Custom Margins, and more!

Easily integrate your social media assets. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pintrest, G+, Flickr and more!

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