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More about Moving Your WordPress Website.

If you have been in the website game more than a few years chances are you have moved hosts. Sometimes you outgrow your host or maybe you are unhappy with the services offered but no matter the reason for the sake of this post we will assume you have decided to move to a new host and without the appropriate planning and preparation that can be a real pain.

If you have been in the website game more than a few years chances are you have moved hosts.

In some cases your new host may offer a service where they will move your website for you but most likely you are on your own. Here we will walk you through a very basic method for moving WordPress onto your new host.

If you are looking for some different methods you can find them here.

The first thing you want to do is back everything up, in your wordpress admin area go to Tools > Export and download your export file. This will backup all of your content, categories and menus. To be safe it is a good idea to also download your uploads folder (this is where all of your images are stored). You can find this in the “wp-content” folder, so if your website was installed in the root folder you would look for something like:


On your new host, you will need to have WordPress installed, if you need help with that have a look at the wordpress codex for a step by step guide. If your new host offers cPanel you can often find Fantastico or Quickinstall which will make this process even quicker for you.

Once you have WordPress installed go to Tools > Import and select WordPress from the list, you will then be asked to install the WordPress import tool, follow the steps to do so. You can then upload your backup file and WordPress will work it’s magic and restore your old website. During this process you will be asked if you want to import media, I find this often doesn’t work so skip that and instead upload your backed up “uploads” folder to your new host.

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