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Nova One is an affordable but premium solution for real estate agency and agent websites. With photo-centric options and agile features this WordPress Theme provides the flexibility to display dozens upon dozens of properties, individual agents as well as their inventory, case studies, informative content as well as points of contact. Empower yourself or your agency with the most versatile WordPress website ever using the Nova All-in-One WordPress Theme.

Show your clients, both buyers and sellers, that you mean business with a premium website featuring all the fine details and polish they expect from a provider of your caliber.

Elegant Shortcodes Make Listings Quick & Easy

Format your content like a pro with Nova’s exclusive suite of professional-grade Shortcodes. Shortcodes allow you to create complex content design pieces like buttons, galleries, maps, information features, and more with just a few shorts steps. CSS-enabled for experts but as easy as writing an email for beginners, Nova’s shortcodes let you master your content and make the sale.

Google Maps Integration

Nova One’s Exclusive Google Maps Shortcode gives you the ability to place not only a Google Map on any page or into a number of your widget areas (sidebar, footer, homepage, above and below pages, posts and portfolio items) but also gives you the power to place an anchor on the map to show the exact location of any property or landmarks. Parks, schools, transit, parking and more — by helping your buyers realize the value in the location of a property, or simply find it with ease, you or your agents will have more time to focus on the sale while your buyers will have less to research making for a quicker decision.

Contact Forms Anywhere

The Nova Contact Widget and Shortcode allow you to place a point of contact on any page, in any content, or into any Widget Area that you would like. Give your customers the ability to request additional information, book a viewing, or otherwise, from each and every page of your website — or, use it sparingly if that suits you better. With Nova One the power is in your hands.

Feature Yourself or Your Agents

Nova One comes complete with a number of Shortcodes which help you to feature yourself or your agents, building brand recognition and optimizing your name and keywords for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

From the Author Box to sliding galleries, Nova lets you feature what you want where you want it.

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Theme Nova is operated in partnership between one designer and one developer with a combined 25 years of web development experience. We’re Josh and Frank. We’ve been working with WordPress since 2004 and we’re great big WordPress nerds.

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