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Google Maps Shortcode

Nova’s exclusive Google Maps Shortcode lets you insert a Google map using only the longitude and latitude of the central location. Additional variables account for the map type, address, Google’s own map controls, marker, a content popup, the width, height and much more. We’ve noticed a lot of themes faking a Google Shortcode by simply embedding Google’s own code in their sample sites — Nova One delivers this shortcode with more options than even Google offers.

Shortcode Examples

Real Estate Maps for Your WordPress Website
Ideal for real estate agencies and agents, Nova’s Google Maps Shortcode gives you the ability to show-off landmarks and locations of interest in a listing by mapping them then adding the popup to draw attention to these important features of a property.

Customize your site from the Navigation to the Footer Credits as well as every place in between.

Nova’s astonishingly user-friendly dashboard does all the heavy lifting at a click of your mouse.

Nova One is built from the ground up with SEOs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Choose from one of ten built-in designs to use and edit, or create any website you can dream of.

Easy to Operate, Multi-Layer Settings, Drag-and-Drop Management, Custom Margins, and more!

Easily integrate your social media assets. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pintrest, G+, Flickr and more!

Exclusive Google Maps Shortcode Features
Nova’s exclusive Google Maps shortcode lets you do much more than simply place a map on yoru page and size it. You can pick the style of map, show or hide the marker, set the Longitude and Latitude, width and height, zoom, and even add a custom content bubble attached to your map locations. These powerful features make Nova’s Google Maps Shortcode the most versatile Map Shortcode for WordPress ever.

[nova_gmap zoom='10' address='London, England' scrollwheel=1 maptype='HYBRID' showmarker=1 showpopup=0 width='300' height='200' css='margin-bottom:30px']
Vancouver, Canada
This is an exclusive HTML-friendly content bubble that you can post to your map.
123 Road Ave.
45678, East Abby
London, England
Learn More.
Vancouver, Canada