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Nova One comes with a large selection of open-source as well as exclusive Nova icons. Use these icons with other shortcodes such as the Alert Boxes and Buttons or on their own to draw attention to key content. Icon Credits.

Web Set 1

add.png w1/add.png
address.png w1/address.png
applications.png w1/applications.png
archive.png w1/archive.png
archive_new.png w1/archive_new.png
arrow-down.png w1/arrow-down.png
arrow-down2.png w1/arrow-down2.png
arrow-left.png w1/arrow-left.png
arrow-left2.png w1/arrow-left2.png
arrow-left3.png w1/arrow-left3.png
arrow-right.png w1/arrow-right.png
arrow-right2.png w1/arrow-right2.png
arrow-right3.png w1/arrow-right3.png
arrow-up.png w1/arrow-up.png
arrow-up2.png w1/arrow-up2.png
beer.png w1/beer.png
bookmark.png w1/bookmark.png
bullhorn.png w1/bullhorn.png
calculator.png w1/calculator.png
cash.png w1/cash.png
chat.png w1/chat.png
checkmark.png w1/checkmark.png
checkmark2.png w1/checkmark2.png
coffee.png w1/coffee.png
colors.png w1/colors.png
colors2.png w1/colors2.png
computer1.png w1/computer1.png
computer2.png w1/computer2.png
creditcard.png w1/creditcard.png
database.png w1/database.png
delete.png w1/delete.png
desktop.png w1/desktop.png
doc.png w1/doc.png
doc_new.png w1/doc_new.png
drive.png w1/drive.png
earth.png w1/earth.png
edit.png w1/edit.png
error.png w1/error.png
exit.png w1/exit.png
favorite.png w1/favorite.png
fedora.png w1/fedora.png
flag_blue.png w1/flag_blue.png
flag_green.png w1/flag_green.png
flag_red.png w1/flag_red.png
flag_yellow.png w1/flag_yellow.png
flask.png w1/flask.png
gear.png w1/gear.png
globe.png w1/globe.png
headphones.png w1/headphones.png
help.png w1/help.png
info.png w1/info.png
install.png w1/install.png
iphone.png w1/iphone.png
latte.png w1/latte.png
lock.png w1/lock.png
mail_unread.png w1/mail_unread.png
microscope.png w1/microscope.png
moon3.png w1/moon3.png
movies.png w1/movies.png
music_note.png w1/music_note.png
new.png w1/new.png
notebook.png w1/notebook.png
nova_checkmark.png w1/nova_checkmark.png
pencil.png w1/pencil.png
picture.png w1/picture.png
podcast.png w1/podcast.png
refresh.png w1/refresh.png
remove.png w1/remove.png
rss.png w1/rss.png
rss2.png w1/rss2.png
search.png w1/search.png
settings.png w1/settings.png
smiley.png w1/smiley.png
smiley_sad.png w1/smiley_sad.png
splash.png w1/splash.png
stop.png w1/stop.png
sun.png w1/sun.png
thumbtack-blue.png w1/thumbtack-blue.png
thumbtack-green.png w1/thumbtack-green.png
thumbtack-red.png w1/thumbtack-red.png
thumbtack-yellow.png w1/thumbtack-yellow.png
trash.png w1/trash.png
trash_full.png w1/trash_full.png
unarchive.png w1/unarchive.png
user.png w1/user.png
users.png w1/users.png
warning.png w1/warning.png
warning2.png w1/warning2.png
window.png w1/window.png
window2.png w1/window2.png
zoom_in.png w1/zoom_in.png
zoom_out.png w1/zoom_out.png

Web Set 2

address.png w2/address.png
block.png w2/block.png
bookmark.png w2/bookmark.png
briefcase.png w2/briefcase.png
bubble.png w2/bubble.png
buy.png w2/buy.png
calendar.png w2/calendar.png
clipboard.png w2/clipboard.png
clock.png w2/clock.png
delete.png w2/delete.png
diagram.png w2/diagram.png
document.png w2/document.png
down.png w2/down.png
flag.png w2/flag.png
folder.png w2/folder.png
gear.png w2/gear.png
globe.png w2/globe.png
heart.png w2/heart.png
help.png w2/help.png
home.png w2/home.png
info.png w2/info.png
label.png w2/label.png
left.png w2/left.png
letter.png w2/letter.png
monitor.png w2/monitor.png
pencil.png w2/pencil.png
plus.png w2/plus.png
present.png w2/present.png
print.png w2/print.png
right.png w2/right.png
save.png w2/save.png
search.png w2/search.png
shield.png w2/shield.png
statistics.png w2/statistics.png
stop.png w2/stop.png
tick.png w2/tick.png
trash.png w2/trash.png
up.png w2/up.png
user.png w2/user.png
wallet.png w2/wallet.png
warning.png w2/warning.png

Customize your site from the Navigation to the Footer Credits as well as every place in between.

Nova’s astonishingly user-friendly dashboard does all the heavy lifting at a click of your mouse.

Nova One is built from the ground up with SEOs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Choose from one of ten built-in designs to use and edit, or create any website you can dream of.

Easy to Operate, Multi-Layer Settings, Drag-and-Drop Management, Custom Margins, and more!

Easily integrate your social media assets. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pintrest, G+, Flickr and more!

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