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Portfolio Card Shortcode

Nova’s Portfolio Cards are among our most popular widgets which is why we’ve also created a custom shortcode of it. Perfect for eCommerce applications, services, products, case studies or work samples you can use the Custom Text value to publish HTML content in the card for eCommerce solutions. Insert the Portfolio Card into your content anywhere you please and reap the benefits of redirecting the attention of your patrons to your sell-through, case study and service features.

Shortcode Examples

Pages, Products or Services.

Easily display your portfolio pages, products, videos, services or other feature pages right on the home page with the Portfolio Cards Widget or the portfolio slider.

From web hosts to blog posts, products to photos, your Portfolios Posts can be used for anything you can imagine. With a customizable template and so much more the Nova Portfolios are perhaps the most versatile portfolio system ever built for a WordPress Theme. Learn More.

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