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A purpose-built Nova One theme for hosts, apps and tech.

The Dark Matter WordPress Theme for Nova One

The Dark Matter Theme for Nova One is purpose built for technology, apps and hosting providers but versatile enough to be a platform for almost any product or service. Dark Matter provides superb content focus points while delivering eyes where you need them most; on your high contrast calls-to-action and sell-through points. Take your business to the next level with Nova One’s Dark Matter and WordPress today! See more.

Customize your site from the Navigation to the Footer Credits as well as every place in between.

Nova’s astonishingly user-friendly dashboard does all the heavy lifting at a click of your mouse.

Nova One is built from the ground up with SEOs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Choose from one of ten built-in designs to use and edit, or create any website you can dream of.

Easy to Operate, Multi-Layer Settings, Drag-and-Drop Management, Custom Margins, and more!

Easily integrate your social media assets. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pintrest, G+, Flickr and more!

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