About Widgetization and How it Helps Your Design

The Nova All-in-One WordPress Theme tops a short list of premium WordPress Themes that have been designed and developed with industry-leading Widigetization methodology. Coupled with a exclusive suite of CSS and HTML-enabled widgets all featuring pixel-perfect placement functions, Nova One delivers complete customization in a simple, straight-forward and user-friendly WordPress theme. Learn More.

The Nova All-in-One WordPress Theme is the most flexible widgetized WordPress Theme ever, featuring; multiple widget areas on the home page each with adjustable settings for background and opacity, margins, padding, infinite rows or up to ten widget columns.

What is Widgetization?

Widgetization is a form of layout management that allows you to place and customize your website design from within the WordPress Widget System. By manipulating widgets in a Theme’s custom Widget Areas a user can dictate which widgets and widget content appears where on their website. Widgetization most often is limited to the homepage of a WordPress Theme however Nova One provides widgetization across templates; from the home page to the footer, above and below pages, posts and portfolios.

WordPress Widget Area Templates

Nova One boasts the most customizable widget areas of any WordPress Theme to date with 15 unique areas all with background, margin, padding and other highly-functional features.

Nova One’s Customizable Widget Areas Include;

Page Sidebar
Page (Above Content)
Page (Below Content)
Post Sidebar (Primary Widget)
Post (Above Content)
Page (Below Content)
Portfolios (Above Content)
Portfolios (Below Content)

Homepage Area 1
Homepage Area 2
Homepage Area 3
Homepage Area 4
Footer Column 1
Footer Column 2
Footer Column 3
Portfolios Sidebar

With widgets ported to shortcodes, selectable sidebar and other finely tuned templates you can pick where and when your widgets appear giving you absolute control over your WordPress website layout and design.

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Theme Nova is operated in partnership between one designer and one developer with a combined 25 years of web development experience. We’re Josh and Frank. We’ve been working with WordPress since 2004 and we’re great big WordPress nerds.

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